Shoot - Edit - Render

LAPSE (Short Film)

In the near future earth faces extinction. A global event threatens all life. The rich and powerful have fled to the international space stations, leaving everyone else left on earth to die. But a small group of scientists and physicists are determined to unlock the secrets of relative time in a last ditch effort to find a way past destruction.

Lapse was our first production shot and finished in 4K. Using Premiere and After Effects, we used the native R3D files from the RED Scarlet to preserve every frame with as much information as possible.

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Match-Maker (Short Film)

It's just another ordinary day for a mob enforcer who mistakenly kidnaps the wrong guy when looking to settle a debt.

Match-Maker was our first full production, from script to filming to post production.

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With incredibly fast and powerful computers we edit smarter. We spend less time waiting and more time being creative. 


RED Raven

The Raven is RED Cinema's newest offering in the world of high end 4K film. With amazing light latitude, incredible 4.5K sensor and extreme slow motion frame rates, The Raven is a power house camera now available to rent at Render.Shop. Contact us today for a quote.


Visual Effects

Need a little something to go with your production? Is something missing from a previous production? Render.Shop can fill that void, on time and on budget.


Motion Graphics